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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Misery loves company !

Do you ever notice people especially need company when indulging?  Why is that?  I find it hysterical, especially working in an office setting with many women (whom I love and adore).  But everytime a patient brings in something sugary and indulgent my coworkers need a partner with whom they can commit the crime.  Listen, I get it. I'd go out to eat with a former boyfriend and say can we share a dessert and he'd say, "Share? I'm not sharing.  Get your own!" Lol. The first time he said this I was so upset and must have sounded like a five year old.  I whined,  "Why wont you share with me? Don't you love me? Do you want me to get fat?" Lol.  Now-a-days, there is no sharing when it comes to dessert.  It's EMFH (Everyman For Himself). So I understand wanting someone to indulge with  but I don't need a partner in crime anymore. If I want ice cream, I can and will have ice cream. Even if no one else in a thirty mile radius is having some. It is okay to indulge and enjoy yourself.  You shouldn't feel guilty unless you're indulging too much but then that's a whole other talk show .=)

Monday, May 21, 2012

RKC Part Two


Saturday started out great! We all got into our groups to start by reviewing all we had learned the prior day.  Swings, cleans and presses. Following this review, my team leader Mark Toomey taught the Turkish get up .While we learned the get up we were told we would be bonding with our snatch weight kettlebell.  Err, what does this mean you ask?  It means wherever I went on Saturday my 16kg kettlebell came with me. I went to the ladies room and my bell waited outside for me. I had lunch and she waited outside the lunch room for me I came in from the field, she came too.  The above picture is from lunch the last day (mid chew thanks to Can ;) ).That's Amanda and I my HKC sister .We worked on the get up for several hours. The great thing was the weather was finally nice enough to go outside. We went onto the field to practice our get ups. After get ups we had another work out. It was called the Beauty and the Beast good times =). We then had lunch followed by squats, both goblet and rack  squats.This day was pretty tough for me, my hands started callousing from all the carries with the bells. I remember starting to freak out about the idea of my callous tearing.  Tomorrow was technique testing, snatch testing,volunteer and graduation workouts. I'll never forget my partner Candice calming me down and helping reign in my emotions. For all of you who know and love me know I can be a tad dramatic and sometimes unreasonable .LOL. I was so thankful and grateful for her because she just hugged me and said it's going to be alright.  That evening  was the RKC group dinner. This was a great time to talk to other candidates as well as other RKC team leaders and assistants. Immediately following dinner I crawled back to my room to bed . Sunday was game time after all. The picture below is Candice and I on the last day boy we look happy ! Stay tuned for the grand finale =)

Monday, May 14, 2012

My RKC Part One

It’s like the calm before the storm! I’m on the plane flying to St. Paul for the RKC 2012.  When I arrive I will get my luggage with my foam roller. I couldn’t leave home without it. I will find my HKC SISTER, Amanda Perry, pick up the rental car and head to the hotel. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that every possible emotion is running through my head. At this very moment I’m calm, almost eerily calm. I don’t expect this calm to last the entire weekend. I do, however, expect myself to rein it in when I start to get a little nerve racked and on the verge of being overly emotional. I will remember what I said in the last blog I wrote before leaving, “All of you are coming with me!” Your strength and determination and belief in ME will get me through this. Tonight will be the meet and greet. I find out who my team leader is and see who will also be in my group. This is exciting and funny because I have toothbrushes for them, hahaha. The dental hygienist in me rears her ugly head =)
I meet up with Amanda and we head to the hotel. We go to the meet and greet, which started around 7 pm Thursday evening. We find our name tags and are very disappointed to find out we are on different teams. Once we walk in Amanda says we have to find shed30, or Candice Clem, (they interacted on twitter prior to RKC). When we find Candice, I notice she’s so happy and excited and standing next to my team leader. I introduce myself to Mark Toomey and explain that I’m a dental hygienist. Approximately thirty seconds into my conversation with my coach Candice starts yelling, “Hey we’re on the same team!” I started laughing because her next question was if we could be partners. I said, sure why not. Little did I know that this was going to be the beginning of the most amazing weekend for me and my partner.
Amanda and I met and spoke with a few of the other leaders, assistants and candidates. We retired to bed around nine so that we would be ready to go bright and early in the morning. I told Candice we had rented a car and that she was more than welcome to join us in the morning.
Friday morning I woke up at five am started getting ready, did mobility, listened to explicit rap music =) and re-read a quote my dear friend sent me the day I left for the RKC. We arrive at the gym at around 7:30, hand in our paper work and get ready for the strength test. The strength test consists of a 15 second flexed arm hang or five chin/pull ups for women. The mens’ test is five tactical chin-ups or pull-ups, no kipping is accepted. I meet the rest of the women on my team as we all do our flexed arm hang . I can already feel the bond starting to form with my group as all of the girls cheer each other on and we all rocked it. We began the day with some mobility as a group.  We then started with deadlifts and swings. We did A LOT of swings. I pressed the 18kg on both sides twice, which was a PR for me, and almost pressed the 20kg .The day was such an overload of information and so much learning. It was amazing! My presses felt awesome at the end of the day though I was completely exhausted. We had to earn our dinner though.  The workout was “I go, you go” 10x5 with a heavy bell, which means Candice and I used a 28kg. Thanks coach/evil bf for having me do one arm swings with the 24  =). Stay tuned for part two !

Monday, April 9, 2012

Who's coming with me ?

The past seven months have been nothing short of an evolution.  When I set out writing my blog while stranded in Hawaii, I NEVER dreamed it would really be the evolution of Elizabeth.  I have learned a great many things.  I have been training for the RKC since September after I attended the HKC.  I added Pilates on the reformer in January to my training to develop better shoulder mobility and overall flexibility.  I never believed I would have the strength, flexibility and over all body awareness that I now possess. The road to the RKC has not been an easy one but it has been an amazing experience.  I have learned the difference between just showing up at the gym and actually training for something.  I’ve learned what dedication is to my workouts, my nutrition and my life.  What’s so exciting on this journey to the RKC is it’s not over!  In a few short days I will fly to St. Paul, Minnesota and be forever changed.  Yes, I will be forever changed!  I will be a sponge and try to soak up and absorb every detail I can. I will keep my eyes and ears open and be willing to learn and have fun.
This past Saturday, 4/7, was my last group kettlebell class I will get to attend before my RKC.  At the end of class I thanked everyone for always working so hard and supporting me on my journey.  I started to get teary and almost began to cry in expressing my gratitude to my fellow classmates.  I told everyone that I would be taking them with me in spirit to the RKC.  They have all touched my life and given me strength and inspired me to want to be better. As I head out I will take all of them with me.  When I’m exhausted, overwhelmed or ready to give up I will think of how hard they work and how they push themselves, even after that buzzer sounds. Again, I want to thank everyone for the wishes of good luck and positivity that has been sent my way on my journey!  LET'S GOOOOOO! (I was unable to get a picture of all the wonderful people :( who have supported me )

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who's got your back ?

It is said you should surround yourself with like minded people that have similar goals and aspirations. In training for the RKC I have to constantly remind myself  to "believe I am stronger than I think". I write this on my forearm quite often and it helps. What also helps me is the small group class I take part in twice a week, aside from my other training days. This group of people are, in a word, awesome. Some have been in my life for years and others are fairly new to my life. They all know about my goal for the RKC and they push me and give me a pat on the back when I need it or a kick in the @ss when needed also. Don't we all need a pat on the back? I never realized that training for something would encompass both the physical and emotional.  I figured I'd just go to the gym and train, right? Easy enough. You don't think about the days you didn't sleep well the night before. Perhaps you didn't eat well or you had a stressful, crazy day at work. You still have to go. It becomes a second job. What do you do if you don't have a good support network? Aside from the kettlebell group, I have many friends on facebook from my HKC certification and there are many RKC's I've friended via the internet who constantly post blogs and inspirational thoughts on food, life and working out. These things absolutely help if perhaps your spouse, significant other or family don't help support your healthy eating or training.  This being said, I realize that despite all the awesome people in my life believing in me, at the end of the day I need to believe in myself first and foremost!  Who believes in you and your goals?

Elizabeth M

Friday, February 10, 2012

What I'm NOT anymore!

In the past year, I've tried to set several goals for myself, as far as working out is concerned. As women I feel most of us set goals according to the scale and what we plan on depriving ourselves of. Let's be honest, we pretty much worship the scale!  I admit I used too as well. I would always joke around and say, "I'd have so much more free time if I just stopped weighing myself!" I've also heard girlfriends, colleagues, and women on the street muttering about trying to obtain a body they will never have. EVER! If I ran everyday, tried every new fad workout and diet, I would NEVER look like Heidi Klum.  (Oh my goodness! How can she say that, lol.)  My parents weren't Heidis. Damn genetics, lol. We have completely different body types!  So many women don't understand you can't change your build. When I say this I am not suggesting that people should be unhealthy and over/under weight.  I'm saying strive to be fit and healthy and most importantly, STRONG!  Lift heavy things!  How much does your child weigh?  Can you carry him/ her and your purse? Ladies, if you went shoe shopping you wouldn't ask for a size 5 when your a 7 . So why do so many of us idolize sizes we can't possibly be? Listen, no one is perfect.  I'm far from it, but I realize I'll never look like Heidi Klum, but what's even better is I'm okay with that.  I'm happy with me.  The other thing I'm not anymore is starving. Yep, starving.  I would eat salads alll week long to indulge on the weekend.  Does this sound familiar?  It doesn't work!  Now I eat and eat I certainly do.  Don't think im going to McDonald's and getting a Big Mac though .When I say I eat, I eat lots of healthy vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, nuts and my favorite, BACON.  I love bacon but I heard bacon makes you fat, hahahah just kidding.  My goal is the RKC!  I know my body fat will be lower when April comes around but I will also be stronger! I'm not afraid to lift heavy weight and eat some bacon. What are you NOT anymore?

Elizabeth M

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pretty hands!

Recently, I've  received many  questions regarding handcare when using kettlebells. Most men don't mind a few calluses here and there, well, until they start ripping. ;) Aside from the calluses feeling gross, and as a lady who loves getting manicures and needs her hands for work, (I'm a dental hygienist by trade) I can't afford to call into work saying, "Sorry boss, I ripped my hands in kettlebells. Can't come in today". So, to prevent having to miss work, there are several things I constantly do to maintain and prep my hands for kettlebells.  When I first started out with kettlebells I purchased and used every single fitness glove I could get my hands on. I tried all of these gloves in hopes of protecting my hands. Unfortunately, it had the opposite result. My hands ripped and teared. The reason this happened was the glove bunched up and stopped the bell from moving freely in my hands. So what do I do now? Research.  And here's what I've learned: The first thing I always make sure I have with me are socks and sleeves. I use the socks to protect against calluses and sleeves to protect my arms from the bell  rubbing against my skin .  If you've never cracked yourself doing an imperfect clean or snatch then hats off to you! You pretty much rock :) For those of us who are not so fortunate, it will protect you from looking as though someone tried to bludgeon your arms to death!
After my kettlebell workout I usually assess my hands and take a look at my calluses. At this time I make sure I  have no rips or tears  in the palms of my hands. Luckily, as my form has drastically improved so has the absence of ripping and bruising.  I typically use a pedi egg or nail file to file down any calluses that are raised. You DO NOT want to file wet, ripped or juicy appearing calluses. If you do, this will just create an open wound in your palm which is very problematic for kettlebell training.  When using the pedi egg you need to be very gentle and rub the callus down a little bit at a time to make sure you don't cut yourself. What your trying to prevent by doing this is a bulky dried up callus that will inhibit the bell from easily moving around your hand.  Let's say you rip your hand or your calluses are unable to be filed down. What I have done in the past is use aquaphor, a healing ointment available at most drug stores. It is usually near the hand lotions. You apply a coating to the area and place a sock over that hand, sleeping with the hand protected. I know some of you think I'm crazy but it works and it drives the men wild ;). Another thing on ripping, DO NOT cut the calluses off if they have started to pull away! The reason being, you want the skin underneath to heal and form new skin before you cut back the callus and have a gaping wound! All of this being said, improvement in technique will help to eliminate the need for all of this. If your form is good you SHOULD NOT be ripping your hands open.  I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions I'd love to help. Please check out this website. It will  show the best way to cut your socks.  Have fun :)

Elizabeth M